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Acupressure is for the following symptoms:

Respiratory DisordersAnxiety statesleg discomfort, bladder disorderslow blood pressureabdominal painsinus inflammationConcentration DisordersCirculatory disordersDecreased appetiteElbow ComplaintsFunctional disorders of the gallbladderJoint painhigh blood pressureheadachesmigraines, forehead painsciatica and lumbagoknee complaintsMenstruation problemsNervousness , neurastheniaNicotineObesitypainProstate SymptomsArthritisBackachessleep Disordersasleep and maintaining sleepFatigueConstipation, Spinal Complaints, pain in the shoulder or armMotion sicknessSweating.

Natural Healing with Acupressure.

Every healing, though it seems they are so wonderful, is a testament to the strength of our life. And, our life we ??can control – its strengthening or soothe according to need – with the help of acupressure (Acus = top, needle or point; premere, pressum = key; Acupressure = point pressures), one of the oldest and most proven natural cures , which originates from the ancient Chinese healing massage.

What us this strange healing can occur, it is the vision that all oriental medicine – and also that of the doctors Classics – common: the human being is seen as a unity of body, soul and spirit. Complaints are never separated from the unit, but still in this body-soul-spirit connection handled. What is understood to mean? We all know it: when we are tired, we sleep, when we have too much energy, we need movement. We feel good, while in our active forces are balanced. This harmony becomes out of balance, we feel uncomfortable or are we sick. The opposing and mutually reinforcing forces within us are constantly striving for balance – a state that has never been fully achieved. but these complaints are constantly moving, constantly flowing, and movement is the basis of life. Against this backdrop, health and disease has a different meaning than we are used to: health is the constant pursuit of the life forces us to balance. If this endeavor by something is blocked, then we get in an unbalanced state, which manifests itself in physical symptoms – we are sick. Cause of a disease is the imbalance of our life forces.

With acupressure, we can influence the flow of our life energy, through some switching centers misdirected energies back in the right direction, releasing blocked energy. With acupressure are not the symptoms of a disease treated, but rather the cause of the disease. Wherever the cause of a disorder should be sought in an imbalance of life forces, able to acupressure health problems and complaints very effectively influenced.

Help of the private life

With acupressure (also called pressure point massage), we have a natural cure, which affects our life energies. Acupressure makes it possible to ensure our well-being – to help ourselves on our own. Acupressure is a natural, highly reliable and almost painless method to treat disturbances in the body’s energy system, located in the most diverse forms of expression. Acupressure can be used by anyone, the result of the treatment is not tied to any medical knowledge. In the application are also no harmful side effects to be expected. This medicine may be used without any technical device, with a minimum of material and in almost every situation. Once one knows the acupressure points and the associated effects, then physical disorders quickly remedied by massaging these points. With acupressure you literally ‘in hand’, on their own responsibility for your welfare, your health care. Almost all of us isbekend with kalchtten as headaches, tension in the neck, back pain, migraines, muscle pain and colds and want help quickly, easily and without side effects. Acupressure can help – to each of us. Necessary conditions for the success of self-treatment by Acupressure is the willingness to take responsibility for their own health to take on. The nattuurlijke treatments are based on ancient insights about the totality of man. If we know how to use these experiences, we learn just by the treatment itself again to watch the balngrijke signals of our body. Not infrequently develops from the treatment itself a new better relationship with our own bodies. Thus acupressure in a broader sense also a way to themselves and their own physicality. Healing begins by those who speak from experience when someone makes contact with his own body.

Acupressure can in no way a substitute for a medically necessary treatment! If natural treatment method can, however, they are a useful supplement to other therapies. If you are already being treated by a doctor and you want your klachtten also acupressure treatment, you should be first with the doctor.

Prototypes of acupressure

In China, one of the acupressure treatment systematizedPrototypes of acupressure however, we find in all culturesIn ethnnnologische studies on Bantu tribes mentioned that they were cured diseases by bepaaalde parts of the body to scratchA cannibal tribe in the Brazilian jungle is stated that patients with a small blowpipe arrows in certain body parts were shot.

In studies indicated that children in different countries around the world when they are hurt spontaneously pressing a spot somewhere on the body that in no direct relation to the location of the pain, often distant from hereEach of us knows the nervous picking at the earloberubbing with the finger on the noseor pressing points around the eyes when tired or tense situationsSimilarly, the nervous drumming with fingertips on the table is a sign that not enough energy in the place where it is needed.

Also bijdieren we can perceive this self-help principlewhen physical suffering they press certain parts of the body against somethingthey go on branches or stones lie to pressure against the body to generate and thus the pain. All this raises the suspicion that the prototypes of a kind instinciteve acupressure self-help, which humans and animals unconsciously apply.

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