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Guasha is an age-old scraping technique massage with the aim of:

The removal of stored waste in places where it does not belong + a better flow of blood and energy.

Guasha consists of scraping with a special scraper over the skin on which oil has been applied.
It is a way to make invisible stagnations in the body visible on the skin. These invisible blockages are waste materials that are stored in the connective tissue, muscles and joints.
This happens when the body is no longer able to remove all waste products through the lymph system.
The connective tissue clogs up, the muscles acidify and the joints become inflamed. The blood and energy can also no longer flow properly. Because of all this you can get a lot of complaints. Guasha stimulates the detox mechanism, so that the body can dispose of the released waste products. Blood and energy can flow again and various complaints and / or illness will decrease or disappear completely. Guasha offers quick results with many different complaints, but it is certain that the overall energy level will jump up sharply. Because Guasha has a deep cleansing effect on the entire body, it is very suitable for persistent and long-lasting complaints! But also with acute complaints Guasha offers a solution. It can also be used preventively. Furthermore, Guasha works not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional level. Because of this it is possible that after a treatment you are more emotional or that certain feelings / thoughts suddenly come to mind. It is a complete, cleansing treatment for both body and mind.

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