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Thai foot massage is an effective massage therapy, which is based on the foot reflexology. It is assumed that at the height of the feet reflex zones through which energy flows associated with the organs, nerves, glands and other body areas. Massaging these points has a stimulating effect to the corresponding element in the body, allowing the natural healing and balance in the body is promoted.

The reflex points of the feet are connected to body parts, organs, nerves and glands. Massaging the points has a stimulating effect to the corresponding point in the body or organ. Therefore we activate the natural way of healing.

What is foot reflexology:
Foot reflexology massage stimulates the body to heal itself, relieves pain and promotes healing and prevents. In addition, the relaxing and gives new energy. Also rids the body of this waste. Other beneficial effects are a quieter nights sleep.

In some cases, certain current complaints will initially aggravate what is within 3 days recovers.

Foot reflexology is also reduces stress, helps support with overstrain and burnout. The organs such as heart, lungs, stomach, intestines and kidneys are found on the soles. The sole is like the mirror of your body. When an organ or body part is not working properly, which is reflected in the feet. The spot on the foot that correspond to the organ or body part is painful, because the energy flow in the area is poor. During the foot massage, the blood flow and lymph flow activated. The blockade is thus broken, wastes are removed and new building materials can reach the place of destination. Also promotes and enhances the massage circulation in the feet and lower legs, reduces pain, stimulates the organs to function properly and works preventively. The way the masseur with fingers, thumbs and hands massaging and using a special stick used to the pressure points are optimized to activate within the unique foot massage. During the treatment you are experiencing tingling, tingling and incentives, it is quite normal for this treatment. In some places, a (slight) felt pain stimulus, indicating a blockade. By massaging these points, the blockades reduced and / or eliminated. Finally, does a very relaxing foot massage.

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